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  1. You might be thinking,

What Aspire World Imaginations Private Limited is?

What is the motto of Aspire World Imagination Private Limited?

What does Aspire World Imagination Private Limited do?

What type of Products and Services does Aspire World Imagination Private Limited Provides?

So here are your answers to all the questions.

What is Aspire World Imaginations Private Limited?

Aspire World Imaginations Private Limited

Aspire World Imaginations Private Limited is an I.T(Information Technology) based company which was initiated on 14th of June 2015 to create a revolution by MR. Mayank Thakur and was incorporated under ROC-DELHI on 4th August 2015. ASPIRE also (Alliance of Special Programs in Reaching Excellence) aims to promote our youth to build their own International Commercial Websites and to convert themselves from JOB SEEKER to JOB CREATOR. The main motto of this Project is to harnessing the Power of the Internet and to enhance the Scope for our Youth by creating websites and to bring I.T. Revolution.

Certificate Of Incorporation

Certificate of Incorporation (ROC-DELHI)

Company Data

Ministry of Corporate Affairs (Company/LLP Master Data)

Official Websites – Aspire World Imaginations Private Limited

What Services and Products do Aspire World Imaginations Private Limited provides?

First of all, we need some basic tools which are required to build a quality website and to publish it all over the world. Also, I want to tell you that this website is also been made with the help of Aspire World Imaginations Private Limited. Have a look at the quality of the website

  1. Domain Name

Domain of your choice

Image Source: NamesCon

Aspire World Imaginations Private Limited also Aspire provides you one ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) certified Domain Name and Extension of your own choice which is being registered on your own name.

  1. Web Hosting Servers

Web Hosting- Bluehost

Web Hosting from Bluehost

Aspire World Imaginations Private Limited provides you hosting from Bluehost (Best in class server based in USA). It is fast, secure and Reliable with 24/7 Support and Unlimited GB of site transfer with SSL Secure servers, Juniper Switches, and Routers Redundant Power Supplies.  Also Aspire makes a promise to provide Unlimited Disk Space & Unlimited Bandwidth

  1. Web Builders

Web Builders

Image Source: HostPapa

Aspire World Imaginations Private Limited provides you with an easy customization interface, highly professional templates for commercial business purposes and even animated flash templates. Over 3.5 lakh Templates to choose from. You can even create a website by just cut, copy and paste. Special photo gallery designs are also provided.

  1. Content Management System


Image Source:

Don’t know how to make a website? No worries this feature will help you in building your own qualitative international commercial website. Again Aspire World Imaginations Private Limited provides you with Graphical User Interface that helps build a website in “Coding Free Ways”. With this feature you can make infinite changes in your website within just a few clicks, even you can change the layout of your website, Data backup within a few clicks.

  1. Commercial Email Accounts & Auto-Responder System

Email and Auto-Responders

Image Source:

Aspire World Imaginations Private Limited provides you with an unlimited number of Commercial E-mail Accounts like –,

Again Aspire World Imaginations Private Limited provides you with an unlimited number of Auto-Responders with unlimited editing. It is a system which automatically responds to your mail.

  1. Cpanel (Control Panel of Website)


Image Source: Web Hosting UK

Aspire World Imaginations Private Limited provides you with the master control of your website. It has different products to build any type of website, it is a specialized tool for Beginners as well as Advance Users. You can even Track your visitors from here.

  1. Complete SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Training


Image Source: Medium

It is a unique technique of making your website more user-friendly so as to bring it on the top rank of search engines like Google and Yahoo. Aspire World Imaginations Private Limited provides you with complete SEO Trainings and helps you in making your website a brand. It is the First Complete SEO (Search Engine Optimization) School in India.

Still, want some more information? So here is the link Services


CEO and Founder – Mr. Mayank Thakur

Mr. Mayank Thakur

Mayank Thakur, an MBA in Marketing & Human Resource from IMT is one of the renowned Human Trainer & Motivational Speaker in our country. MAYANK THAKUR is ranked among the top 100 most successful Network Marketing leaders of our country. He has been closely associated with HR education & training and Motivational speaking in various life-changing motivational seminars taking place across the nation.
With more than 70000 followers across the nation, He is nominated as Motivation Guru & Mr. Corporate. With his life-changing teaching thousands of young Indians are becoming successful & converting themselves into successful business leaders & Entrepreneurs. Along with his good education, He has proved his mettle in E-commerce industry & by using the magic of Self-Motivation & Leadership life skills He has made himself a multi-millionaire & the Director of Multi-National Company in just the age of 26 years.


Now let’s listen what Mr. Mayank Thakur says about Aspire World Imaginations Private Limited.

Hello Everyone,



In every five year plan, our government is trying to always focus and solve the issue of unemployment, which can’t be solved unless and until we install more and more industries and which means the students who are passing out from management colleges or engineering backgrounds or any other. should open up their own industries, but for which they must require capital investment and extraordinary talent, but which is one in millions, now here comes the biggest question, “How and When we will be able to solve this issue of unemployment for the average and below average students.” When we saw the concept of Google AdSense it was the exact answer to our question, in the beginning, it was very thrilling, but still why people in India are not able to harness its power is, “awareness” as most of the Indian youngsters and even the elderly people don’t know what it is and how it will actually work for them, secondly, “How to own and manage a website?”. Again for that either you should be a website designer or should have an investment for a website because for generating income from Google AdSense you must have your own manageable website. Now even if you get a website, then who is going to train you for making earnings for Google ad sense?  Because just owning a website and registering a website in Google AdSense will not guarantee earnings, you need to have a proper training from a person who is already a master in AdSense business.


For all these issues one day we launched the ASPIRE Web Revolution, which aimed at empowering and training all the willing students who want to become IT Based Entrepreneurs or Google AdSense Webmasters, the basic motto of the project is Keeping Technology Simple. The beauty of this project is that it solves all the problems discussed earlier. First, Providing Awareness, we organize events, seminars, conventions for awaking our youth and to provide them the knowledge about Google AdSense. Second, we provide platform, tools and services with the help of which people can install their high quality and latest technology website with 3 simple clicks, without having any knowledge of website designing or development, if a person just knows how to browse the internet, he can manage, edit, install his website without any issue. Third, as our project has already made fortune for thousands of students all over India, who are generating a handsome amount of income from Google AdSense already, so we have these people as trainers for the newcomers who train them, motivate them, and assist them for attaining success in the industry through the person’s very own website which he gets by admitting in this project. We also provide online computer courses for increasing their website ranking in the major search engines, also many other computer courses complementary in this project.

We have a dream to touch millions of youngsters one day all across India, and somehow offer some help to the Indian youngsters, we never say that everybody will become successful, as everyone knows that there are thousands of students who take admission in a college, but few of them secure above 90%, some average, and some become underperformers, but everyone gets rewards according to the hard work they put in. So it will depend on how much hard work you put in and your dedication and seriousness towards work. We are searching for serious & dedicated youngsters who really want to grow & help others as well in reaching the top level of success.



Mr. Mayank Thakur

CEO & Founder – Aspire World Imaginations Private Limited

Co-Founder – Mr. Nitin Sain

Mr. Nitin Sain


It is a company which got started by the blood and sweat of my god my father my angel

Mr. Mayank Thakur sir.

Aspire today is not just a company

It’s more than a family

It’s more than a religion

It’s a temple which I worship daily which is blessing me with love care and growth.

It was started with an intention to change the life of people, to make them grow, to make them capable of doing anything they want their life.

Why aspire is different?

Aspire is just not working to satisfy people like a normal company

It’s working to connect the hearts of all the people together

It’s working to change the mentality of the people

It’s working to make everyone equally grow

No competitions no race

A platform from where everybody can grow and excel in their life as a creator, innovator, and inventor of new ideas no matter what passion the person is having.

The people working here with a good heart and good intentions will definitely grow from where.

God will definitely help them in achieving their dreams goals and targets.

Mr. Nitin Sain

My life was like a normal college going student having a desire for a good decent job coming from a normal middle-class family.


During my journey, I was all shattered with my college life but suddenly god sent an opportunity in my life my guru Mr. Mayank Thakur sir

A person totally strange for me came out of nowhere in my life like a god blessing for the person in need.

It’s all about keeping faith, trust and believe.

I started working with him with a hope and belief that yes one day whatever this person is saying it will definitely happen.

Our connection was strong, Mayank sir always held my finger like a father.

14TH JUNE 2015 became a remarkable date of our life.

During the third year of my college, I started working.

I started when I was 20 and at that age, I achieved a 9.5 lac rupee CIAZ car on my parents 25TH Wedding Anniversary.

At the age of 21 giving placements to the college and new surprises to be revealed soon.

My life first achievement, it was all because of the continuous support of him which made this thing happened.

He taught one thing that if you want a 9.5 lac rupee car then you have to give 9.5 lac reasons to god that why you deserve it.

Starting from empty pockets, walking and working with no money with a motivation and madness in mind to kilometers and kilometers without having food in the tummy, making all the pain into gain, making all the problems  and barriers into steps of success, making yourself into a persona from a normal person, transforming every hurdle into a victory. I just love my journey. You always need to trust the process of god he made for you.

Being with Mayank sir, Aspire and aspire kids is itself a blessing.

I started working as a normal associate but today whatever I’m is all because of Mayank sir and Aspire.

If you want to grow then just focus on your work your life your growth not what others are doing.






Nitin Sain

If you’re still curious to know more about us or want to be a part of this majestic project towards success. Contact:(+91)8743062171 Mr. Vansh Gulati (CEO & Founder at

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6 Responses

  1. Aspire World Imaginations Private Limited is the reason why kids like me are able to grow at a very small age. Apart from financial freedom, what ASPIRE provides us is our own identity, fame in the market, power to live our life the way we want to and the most beautiful family in the whole universe❤. If I could give a face to god, it’d be of Mayank Thakur sir and all the seniors who give their sweat day in and out to provide us a comfort zone to work and learn in.
    Love you ASPIRE
    Jai ASPIRE ❤
    Pooja Sharma

  2. This is by far the most beautiful platform that helps youngsters to move towards their dreams…
    Aspire world imaginations pvt. ltd. Is truly a revolution…
    We all Aspirians are thankful to Mayank Thakur ji for launching it in the indian market…
    This can create a huge revolution into the market in future and can definitely break the chains and myths of Indian society about jobs…
    It can prove to be extremely helpful in overall growth of our country, be it GDP, economic growth, financial growth, unity, and much more…
    So proud to be a part of this loving family…❤❤❤❤❤

  3. When there is no hope in life then you should definitely want to know what Aspire World Imaginations Private Limited idea . It’s main focus is to build big brands in the market and therefore they want youth with extra ordinary ideas.
    It’s moto is “if you have an idea then I have a platform”
    I don’t need more words this blog conveys all

  4. Aspire which may seem noting more than a 6 letter word is something that has become an integral part of our lives, and an inseperable one.

    Becoming a part of aspire is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Even though my life wasn’t bad, but the way it was going, it would’ve ended to be a boring 9-5(er) but all of they changed with the grace of Aspire World Imaginations and Mr Mayank Thakur.

    As for what does exactly aspire do?
    It gives you your own identity, respect at such tender ages and the power to take the steering wheel of your life on your own.

    Vansh Gulati
    CEO and Founder
    Otaku Takara

  5. Amazing content. Thankyou for the knowledge.Amazing
    Hrithik Lalwani
    Ceo and Founder

  6. Awesome!!!!! Thank you for sharing this valuable information

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