Ways to Impress your crush.

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Ways to Impress your crush.

Ways to impress your crush

It’s nice to have a crush on someone. It feels like you’re alive, you know?

Scarlett Johansson

Hello guys & girls,
Here I present you some basic tips & tricks to impress your crush. Follow these steps written below and i’ll guarantee you will be able to get her attention.

Be Confident

You have to be always confident when you are trying to impress your crush. As it is the most important key to attract people. even it is more important than your appearance, of course, appearance matters a lot but confidence is much & more important than anything else.

Don’t worry if you’re shy you can even show some confidence and ill guarantee you, that you can make your crush feel special, as you at least gathered some confidence just to talk to them which make them feel flattered, even if you are a shy guy then, you may find girls attracted towards you as they want to know your mystery.

Get Noticed

Try something new to gather their attention, get noticed. you can try a new look, completely different from the old once. Try a new hairstyle, its the best way to get noticed. Who knows you may found your new favorite look. Wear something Red, studies have found that both genders are attracted to people when they wear something red.

This is generally the best way to impress your crush. Give your best to be in the line of sight of your crush. But remember one thing, that you don’t have to become desperate about her, this can let you loose her. It will  becomes easy for you if you are in the same class, then at least try to sit near or in front of her.

Start getting involved with your crush, if you are in school or in college then join some societies and other groups in which your crush is a part of. But again remember one thing, you had to get involved, you don’t have to stalk her all the time this might create difference between you and her. 

Break the ice

Start a conversation, I know it the most difficult task to do and break the ice with your crush. But do you know that there are numerous ways in which you can start a conversation, take help of your surroundings and circumstances to start a general talk. And always talk on common interest. For instance.

  • If in class: Hey! Would you like to share your notes just for a minute?
  • In a party: Hey! How did you hear about this party?

But remember one thing do not talk too much otherwise you will become clingy and this would ultimately result in losing the interest of your crush.

Make her laugh

You must know this, it’s one of the best ways to impress a girl. If you know how to make her laugh then congratulations buddy she’ll get impressed with you. these small gestures will make your crush feel special and flattered. But, you don’t have to crack jokes all the time. Or you can do one thing whenever you see your crush flash her a smile. Don’t worry if she doesn’t smile back. There could be a number of reasons for not responding to your smile. It’s also possible that he/she is having a shy nature too.

And remember one thing while you are talking to her, there should be eye to eye contact as it signifies your confidence. If you smell good, then it’s easy for you to impress your crush. 

Show signs of attraction

It’s the most common mistake that you all do. you have to make them feel, that you are having a strong attraction towards your crush. If you don’t show signs of attraction, they might not get the impression that you are interested in them. You just have to make them sure not to get direct with it. Appreciate them for their good things. Spend most of your time with them. Get to know him or her much better. Try flirting if you’ve mastered it. You can use some pickup lines. But one mistake that you always do, you get over possessive for them. No one will like, if you are being over possessive because you are still not in a relationship. This will definitely create a huge difference between you and your crush. They will start avoiding you. So make sure not to do all this stupid things. There are many other things you can do, for instance.

  • If you are a girl: Twirl your hair while talking to him but don’t make it awkward for him.
  • Maintaining eye contact and smiling 
  • Make light body contact, like touching her arms and shoulders. But remember don’t do it if she will feel like offended.

Confess your feelings

Now its high time to confess your feelings. Let your crush know what do u really feel about them. But before this, you have to be 100% sure about your feelings. As you had spent a lot of time flirting with each other, you might find this stage a little easier for you. Go and tell them your feelings with all your confidence. And if she rejects you for any reason, don’t get depressed. You know that life is long and one day you will definitely get your perfect partner. GOOD LUCK.

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